Creativity is…

(By Ellen Margulies*)

…not a question, really; just so many answers.

It’s finding the best time to create.

20160322_221906 (1)

It’s hitting the 3 o’clock slump when you need to focus on the writing.


It’s breaking out of your breakfast rut.

20160317_082006 (1)

It’s taking a walk around and around your office building to clear the cobwebs, and then walking around in the opposite direction and finding a new view.


It’s gluing coloring hammering painting tearing typing stirring draping until it looks like shit, and keeping at it until it looks good again.

bad hair

It’s finding that last-minute burst of energy you didn’t think you had left.


It’s dragging yourself upright in bed at 0-dawn-thirty because this amazing thought just struck and if you don’t get it down right now you will never remember it in the morning.

20160322_221744 (1)

It’s creating for the sheer joy of it, whether you’re dancing like nobody’s watching or starring in your own imaginary love story.


It’s pulling something out of your ass at the last second because DEADLINES.


It’s about being your own weird little self, even when you’re ripping off a little bit from everybody else, too.


It’s the confidence of knowing somehow, some way, you will figure this thing out.


It’s my truth.


It’s yours, too.


Creativity is an act of defiance.
—Twlya Tharp


*Most images shot by Ellen Margulies unless otherwise credited or obviously and blatantly swiped off the Internet. No copyright infringement intended.


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