Results from March Challenge – photo collages!!!

by Laura M.

Well guys, you did not disappoint. I tossed out a creativity challenge and you rose to the occasion! Thank you to those who took the time to pick a theme, snap a pic everyday and make a collage out of them. Please enjoy the lovely results:

Patty has a neato Facebook page called Humans of Nashville, Music City, wherein she “wants to introduce you to Nashville through pictures and stories about the people, places & things in this great city.” It’s fun for both residents and tourists. Take a second and check it out. Even better – ‘like’ her page!

Patty lives out in the country. Here is what she had to say about her collage: “I love taking the photos, and living in the middle of nowhere got me on the “country” theme.”


Personally, I love how varied the images are, yet they all represent versions of the word country.

Charlotte, who you may remember is a loyal reader and novice artist struck on a wonderful theme and expressed her feelings about the subject beautifully: “I chose clocks because I have become very aware of ‘time’ this past year! Time is a gift from God and I want to use it wisely and honor Him by having a positive impact on those around me! My goal is to learn to live in the present, enjoying those I am with and what I am doing.”

I mean, isn’t that fantastic?


Rick (I think he was the first one to subscribe to our blog) traveled to San Diego last week for a conference. An avid photographer, he took these beautiful photos on the beach:


I wish I was there, too, Rick. 🙂

Now here might be the most fun twist of my original post: photographers from all over the world (New Zealand, India, South Korea) ‘liked’ my post. I guess it was because I had used the word ‘photography’ as a tag for the post. So I checked out the blogs of people who liked my post. They were all super interesting and fun to read.

One of them, Miseol, has a really cool blog about her life in South Korea. It just so happens that she had a post in response to a different creativity challenge, also involving photographs. It’s a collection of locks and knobs. Be sure to check it out. She has a lot of interesting posts about what it’s like to live in South Korea and learn their customs (she’s from the Philippines.)

I hope this challenge made you examine your surroundings a little more closely for those who did it. And I hope those of you who didn’t do it are inspired to try it on your own!


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