Yeah, you can tap that


Creativity really is for everyone

By Ellen Margulies

Far be it from me to tell you how to be creative.

But if you’ve landed here because you don’t consider yourself to be creative and you’re a little curious, or if you already know you’re creative and you want to see whether this blog holds anything new, well, thanks for clicking. Let me address group No. 1 first: Actually, you are creative.

As humans, that’s kind of our thing (I was going to say that’s what separates us from the animals, but then I realized I’ve seen my cats do some pretty creative things to get me to do stupid human tricks). You just have to wrap your mind around the fact that not all creativity involves glitter and glue guns. The last time you figured out how to get that unwieldy couch through a too-small door or managed to stretch dinner to feed a couple of unexpected guests, you were being creative.

Although I’m personally much better at the glitter-and-glue type of creativity than the ingenuity kind of creativity, it’s all good. As for group No. 2, you pretty much know the drill, right? You’re creative. You’ve been known to make a macaroni necklace or slap some chalkboard paint on something. You also know that, as a creative (yeah, we’re nouns now!), it’s not only ok to steal ideas, it’s encouraged. I’m waving at you, Pinterest! Seriously —if you see an idea on here, rest assured we want you to use it. Take it, copy it, make it your own. Heck, where do you think we got these ideas in the first place? In my case, at least, they were most likely pilfered from someone, somewhere.


untapped intro photo
I’m prone toward unfinished projects. / Photo collage by Ellen Margulies

If you’re wondering how all this started… My friend Laura and I wanted to create a space where we could express and share our creative whims. This all started last summer when we developed a class on how to live more creatively, a 5-week curriculum we offered through our local library’s adult/community continuing education program. (It was Laura’s idea, BTW. She’s cool like that.) As it happened, nobody signed up. I hated the idea of all that work going unused, unshared and unloved, so I thought… blog. Blog about all that untapped creativity we’ve all got so much of.

Laura & I have very different ways of doing things, but it works for us and our friendship. I’m very messy, impulsive, prone to mistakes, mishaps and the occasional small fire. Laura is precise, organized and not one to overlook details. We think our strengths dovetail well together, and we’ll be taking turns sharing on this blog.

In the interest of starting with a bang, we wanted to launch at the most creative time of year, a season when nearly everyone is ready to grab the nearest object and pour some glitter on top. The 12 Days of Christmas seemed like a great way to start, and we’ll be blogging weekly after that.

We hope you’ll join us, comment on our blogs, share your own ideas, ask questions and, in general, enjoy yourself. We hope you’ll find that the more you exercise your creative muscles, the more you’ll feel like being creative. And we hope you’ll feel inspired to create it forward, and get someone you love or tolerate to be a little more mindful about that right-brain side of life.



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